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IIT Foundation Course

Foundation courses are very important in IIT JEE aspirants. They enhances thinking ability in students and expose them to competitive examination environment.

IIT foundation is a starting point for JEE     aspirants in class VI to X. Sometimes also called as “IIT JEE Launching Programs”, the foundation course helps aspirants become mentally and strategically strong when they start studying IIT JEE concepts and topics, ideally from class 11 onwards.

The objective of IIT JEE foundation course is to teach students basic concepts well, efficient time management   habits, following a disciplined schedule, improving thinking skills, etc.

  • When student start preparing early for JEE, like in class 6,7,8, 9 & 10, you will always be ahead of your competition, who are planning to prepare for JEE and not executing it.
  • Student will be taught about some very basic concepts of important JEE topics which will help you to understand everything in a better way in class 11 and 12.
  • You will learn the value of self-realization. When you are aware of your objective and goals, early in life, and start working to achieve it, half the battle is won.
  • The teachers will give student  the right direction, guidance &   support which helps in developing required skills quite early. Foundation courses (generally from class 8–10) help in the development of your IQ, Logical and Analytical Thinking. The aspirants who join them, their basic concepts would be pretty strong.
  • Student will also get prepared for JSTSE, NTSE and various Olympiads through the foundation course.


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