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Pre-Primary Online Classes – L.Kg & U.Kg

Our pre-primary students learn while playing. This is the beginning of their academics. Ashok International Public School  gives its best to create a friendly environment for the students to sit and start learning. At home parents can help them understand the concepts or revise the course they studied in school.

We cover  a wide range of courses under Pre-school to help children learn and grab the concepts in an easy manner. The courses covered under it are Varn Mala, Learn Maths, Learn ABC, Phonic Alphabets, Khel Khel Main, Pre-school activities, fairy tales, color worksheets, color groups, etc. which provide a platform for parents to teach children effectively.

Teaching Toddlers Shapes and Colors
*          5000+ Rhymes videos
*          Worksheets
*          Showing them different colors objects
*          Compare different colors
*          Repeat the learning process
*          Teach them while playing games
We believe in the e-learning concept as it helps the students to enjoy their study while playing…